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DR401 : training plane

Robust & thrifty

Well-known for its performances, its robustness and its low fuel consumption, the DR401 in its training version is a custom-made aircraft dedicated to flight schools.
Mounted with a 120hp or a 160hp Lycoming engine, designed with an adapted wingg-shape, this plane facilitates climb rate instead of cruise speed.
Designed to endure a wide range of missions : from basic local training to navigation through IFR.

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DR401 : Traveling plane

Cruise performances & endurance

160LR et 180LR versions clearly are made for traveling. Their wing-shape is optimized to deliver the best cruising speed and to offer a better stability and comfort.
The choice of available propellers is a matter of great importance.
Last but not least, both planes have been equiped with complementary fuel tanks (wing-tanks) to level up their autonomy up to 239 liters. With such capacities, our DR401 Long Range are simply unbeatable in terms of autonomy as compared to their competitors.

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DR401 : Towing plane

Outstanding hard-working machine

Relentless, Tow planes DR401 have no equivalent among competitors.
In its 155CDI version (which offers unprecedent fuel savings for gliding clubs) as in its 180R version (which offers amazing performances), our Towing planes for sure will satisfy all your needs and demands.

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DR401 : skilful plane

Robin Aircraft newbies

Last-born, our JET-A1 DR401 know how to match pleasure, simplicity, comfort, security … and silence.
Operating savings and respect of the environment are effective and real.
Thanks to the Continental engines declined in 135hp and 155hp mounted with turbo, adjustable pitch propeller and water cooling system.

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