DR401 – 120A

THE training plane : easy, thrifty and accessible.

DR401 - 120A


Well-known for its flight qualities, its robustness and the fuel savings it offers, the DR401 Training plane is designed  to give in the demand of flight schools and flying clubs.
Mounted with a 120hp-Lycoming-engine and designed with an adapted wing-profile, the DR401 120A rather insists on climb rate than on cruising speed even if it is able to ensure a wide range of missions : from basic training to navigation and IFR.

DR401 - 120A


DR401 - 120A

The opinion of Robin Aircraft

The 120A is ideal for training. Alongside with being a thrifty plane, it also put your students in a comfortable position to learn basics easily. They are given time to operate the plane, to get to know their sensations and to acquire the right reflexes.

Training 120A is however less adapted if you plan to navigate/travel since their cruising speed is relatively slow (110ktas) and their lack of horsepower is making them less reactive and performant as they reach high flight levels (above 8.000 fts).