DR401 – 160LR

Real 4-seats traveling plane

DR401 - 160LR


Its supplementary fuel tanks offer the 160 LR (for Long Range) an higher autonomy than most of its competitors without downgrading its performances. Add to it an extra ease of use and a drop of reliability with our landing gears and of fixed pitch propeller and you will have a true traveler : the 160LR.

Heavy carrier, the 160LR can easily take 4 people and up to 60 kilos of luggages. Last but not least, with a 240 total fuel tank capacity, there is no destination you cannot easily reach in europe.

DR401 - 160LR


DR401 - 160LR

The opinion of Robin Aircraft

This 160LR is dedicated to those pilots who require a reliable and performant traveling  plane.
With its additional fuel tanks, the 160LR offers a flying range of more than 1.500 kms (810 nm) making it one of the most resistant 4-seats-aircraft available on the market.
It also proudly displays substantial cruising performances (132kts at 75%).

Its “bigger” brother, the 180LR being more expensive and more powerfull is ahead of 160LR in many fields.

Faster, greedier (39.3L for 180 vs. 38L for 160) and more performant.

If you look for performance above all, you might turn to 180LR.