DR401 – 180LR

Amazing Traveler

DR401 - 180LR


With it 180hp-Lycoming engine, the 180LR (for Long Range) offers an unrivalled usefull load, cruising performances and an autonomy much higher than its competitors (at equivalent displayed power).
Our 180LR is able to carry 4 people and up to 60 kg of luggages and offers as a standard a 190 liters fuel tanks autonomy (50 additionnal in option).
It also can be equiped (in option) with a variable pitch propeller which will make it even more desirable (DR401/180ACS).

Now, you cannot say you did not know …

DR401 - 180LR


DR401 - 180LR

The opinion of Robin Aircraft

Fast, tough, real carrier (4 passengers + luggages), the 180LR has everything to become YOUR travel companion.
Its fuel autonomy (240L) perfectly compensate its gluttony (39.0L per hour) and even makes it possible to display a 1.525 km flying range (at 75% of power).

If you are looking for savings instead of performances you might find 120 (with additional tank) is the right choice to make.
If you are looking for similar performances (even better at higher altitude), fuel savings and if you are not allergic to Diesel, we will recommend you the 155CDI.
Otherwise consider you have what you are looking for !