DR401 – 120Lite

The ultra light version of DR401

DR401 - 120Lite


The last aircraft to be born, the 120 Lite is the training plane by excellence.
1/ Lite because its empty mass has suffered a diet : 510 kilos (vs. 590 for the lightest DR401-120). Avionics have been reduced to standard among other things.
2/ Lite because its price has suffered a diet. With one clear objective : giving all flying clubs the opportunity to invest in a certified and safe aircraft more adapted to training than any other plane.

DR401 - 120Lite


DR401 - 120Lite

The opinion of Robin Aircraft

The DR401-120Lite is the training plane by excellence : thrifty, extremely manoeuvrable (510kilos of empty mass) and simple to operate.
This plane has got everything young pilots need to best learn aviation and flying techniques : focusing on what matters and loosing the rest.

All the more so as its price places the DR401-Lite version in the category of such planes as LSA and even microlight aircrafts.
What a pitty would it be not to jump at the chance, wouldn’t it ?

The plane could fit into your needs if you are looking for a 3 or 4 seatters (no 3rd seat in option is available) or for a dedicated traveling plane.
You will be able to travel with your 120 Lite version since its performances remain excellent (climb rate for example).
It is however not destined to travel so much (confort being reduced and speed not being its attractive feature).