DR401 – 135CDI

Pleasure, simplicity, comfort, security ... and silence.

DR401 - 135CDI


The DR401 135CDI is a plane which is perfectly adapted to training. As for the 120 LYCOMING, the 135CDI will offer a real ease of use while delivering excellent performances whatever the altitude owing to its turbocompressor.

Carburettor heating and fuel mixture (poor/rich) are no longer on your checklists!

DR401 - 135CDI


DR401 - 135CDI

The opinion of Robin Aircraft

Ideal for training Young pilots on new Diesel engines (simpler) and if you wish to reduce your hourly fuel bill.

The 135CDI, thanks to its variable pitch propeller, will offer an ideal use for school : travel and maneuverability training exercices are no longer incompatible.

Looking for weaknesses? If you are based on an airfield where JETA1 is not an option, Diesel engine can represent an obstacle (not insurmountable anyway).

If you wish to travel more comfortably (performances, useful load with full tanks), we definitely would recommand the 155CDI.