DR401 – 155R

Thriftier and performant : what else ask for?

DR401 - 155R


The DR401/155R is equiped with a Continental engine fed by JET-A1 and powered with 155 horsepower. Provided with a variable pitch propeller and a water-cooling system, this plane is a revolution.
Offering a climb rate which is almost as good as the 180 (getting much better as you climb higher), the 155R has the major attractive feature : its fuel consumption drop to almost half the 180R needs… (23.8L vs. 39.0L for the 180R).
Such a convincing feature as compared to the small difference in terms of peformances…

DR401 - 155R


DR401 - 155R

The opinion of Robin Aircraft

The 155R displays excellent performances as a tow plane and benefit from a non-negligible advantage compared to the 180R : its fuel consumption rate. Thriftier than its alter-ego, the 155R will allow you to make towing with a more reasonable hourly operating cost.
Autonomy is also improved: 4.5 hours vs. 3hours for the 180R.

PERFORMANT, THRIFTY, RELIABLE and GREAT CARRIER : the 155R has everything to convince you.

If you are looking for pure performances only, the 180R will definitely stay THE reference.
You might also consider Diesel as a problem if you do not have a JET-A1 fuel station nearby…