DR401 – 160A

Advanced Training

DR401 - 160A


As it is the case for the 120A, 160A is well-known for its flight qualities and its robustness. This aircraft has been designed to give into demand of flight schools and clubs in offering a bigger available power (160hp vs. 120). Designed with an adapted wing-profile, this plane will simplify the training missions for navigation.

DR401 - 160A


DR401 - 160A

The opinion of Robin Aircraft

The DR401 160A will fulfill with an amazing ability the tasks the 120A could not : make your students and future professionnals used to higher speeds and better reactivity of their “machines”.
160A will also be THE choice to make if you plan to train your pilots in mountain fields and environment.

In concrete terms, flying a 160A implies to have a better knowledge of basics and to be a trained student.
Ideal for navigation exercices, it however reveals itself much more greedy than its little brother the 120A (38liters per hour vs. 22 only).