Our Workshops

From assembly line to carpentry ...


General Adm. and R&D

General administration and R&D are gathering together several services among which you will find accounting, board of directors as well as research unit.

Research department is responsible for design and conception of new parts as well as the publication and certification of these parts by the EASA.

The research “Bureau” also has to ensure the navigability of all Robin Aircraft parts (permanent updating, creation of internet parts catalogues, …).
It represents a huge task (the tiniest mistake can possibly be leading the company to major risks and pursuits).


Assembly line

Robin Aircraft planes are assembled in this huge “open space”. This is where planes “crucifixion” are taking place, giving birth to a new DR !

Engine assembly and avionics are being prepared here. Seatings are being confectionned nearby and electrical installation is prepared a few steps away.

It often happens that 8 to 10 planes are being assembled or repaired at the same time in this open space.

This is the place to be if you want to assist to a real, magical and amazing ballet.



Almost 95% of metal and metallic parts of a Robin are being manufactured here (the engine being excluded).
CEAPR, our business Partner, is in charge of the manufacturing and conception of all these essential parts.

Every little part is being processed : from the screw to the exhaust pipe through the landing gear and the motor mount.
Nothing is left to chance.

No less than 35 machines and 14 people are creating and giving birth to Robin metal unique pièces in this workshop.


Carpentry and Woodworking

This is where a big part of the game is getting played!

From the choice of the wood essence, through the cutting, the stages of planing to the chamfering and the assembly of pieces of wood : all operation affecting the wood take place in this particular place.

In the end, fuselages and wings of our planes come alive here in the expert hands of our carpenters.

You should come and judge by yourself : this place smells wood and passion as no other place.



Painting is an important step in extending the longevity of our aircraft.

The design you have chosen for your plane comes to life here : some sets can take up to 70 hours to be prepared (depending on sets complexity).