Videos – Manufacturing the DR401

Episode #1

Woodwork - carpentry

First vidéo of our serie sharing the manufacturing process of the DR401 :

The wood offers exceptional qualities of flexibility, strength and lightness. It is a noble material, ecological, which is extremely resistant to the test of time and which is repairable at will.

We select the best species and the most perfect pieces of wood for our planes to fly forever. Wood is certainly the oldest material used in aeronautical construction, but it is undeniably the most promising.

Episode #2



Transforming raw metal alloys is also at the heart of Robin Aircraft’s expertise.

Steel, cast, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass are all metamorphosed by the power of our machinery and the skill of our welder, sheet metak workers, lathe operators and fitters.

Episode #3

The paint

The paint

The painters have a mission beyond just decorating the aircraft : to protect the heart of our expertise, the wood.

The extraordinary longevity of our airframes is recognized by everyone who has owned a Robin.

Durability is more than just sales talk, it is real. Some of our aircraft are still flying more than 50 years after leaving the factory.

Episode #4



The work of our saddler is another reflection of our expertise. The uphostery is custom made in our workshops. The foams are cut, the straps adjusted, the leathers cut and sewn, the cabine is dressed…

Breaking with the past for the design, but not the method : handmade with passion.

Episode #5



On the shelves of the huge hangar, the components await their turn. A workbench for the plane. And a fitter for each plane.

The expertise of the fitters : to assemble, install, adjust and reunite the wing and the fuselage. Technically simple, but so symbolic.

From washer to engine block, nearly 2,000 components pass through their hands. Hundreds of hours of work before the flight test.

Episode #6

Pre-flight check

Pre-flight check is essentiel to verify the aircraft and the correct functioning of all equipments.

Episode #7

Flying with DR401

Last video of our serie : the pleasure of flying in a DR401. The freedom, after 8 long months of manufacturing.

And this amazing sensation to be flying a unique aircraft… which he is.

Every number is unique : it is the talent of the men and women who write the story of Robin, who have created and now progress Robin Aircraft’s unparalleled expertise.